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Bedford Choral Society's performances from Victorian times to the present day

Bedford Choral Society, called at one time 'Bedford Musical Society', was formed in 1867 and is is one of the oldest established choral societies in the United Kingdom. Drawing on the research of Mr. Mike Benson and others, we have been able to compile a chronological list of most of the Society's performances from those early years in the mid-19th century to the present day. This table is an extract from a short history of the Society that we hope to offer for sale at at later date. Details of this will be placed on the website.

The full chronological list is available as a 'PDF' (Portable Document File) 'BCS_1867_to_2013.pdf ' which you may download by clicking on the link below.

The list was updated (April 2013) by Mike Benson to include our recent performances together with some amendments for earlier years as more information has become available.

In this revised list of concerts (1867 - 2013) there are one or two gaps, particularly after 1950 where we are still checking dates of performances. However, major orchestral works have now been included in the list. There is a section towards the end for these orchestral concerts that were put on in the 1920s (when there were two choral concerts and one specifically orchestral concert per year).

On page 19 of the document are listed the concerts performed by 'The Bedford Choral Society' , a separate organisation from the present choir, that existed for a few years in the 1920s and early 1930s. 'Bedford Musical Society' (see page 20) folded in 1931 and 'The Bedford Choral Society' folded a couple of years later (hence there is a gap in the list until 1942 when the present choir re-started).

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This page updated: April 25th 2013

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